Consignment Terms and Conditions

  • Items must be from a covid-19 free environment, laundered, like new, free of mothballs or other odors, stains, damage, and animal hair.
  • Please absolutely do not bring us household items, socks, intimates, or bedding.
  • We temporarily adjusted our selling percentages to 40% of each item's sale proceeds in the form of store credit. Contact us for the complete consignment terms and conditions.
  • The store credit of each item's sale proceeds cannot convert to currency at a later date.
  • We selectively consign and sell vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories with the public.
  • We accept, according to seasonality, condition, and trend.
  • Sellers must be 18+ to sell. We require US government-issued IDs or passports (accompanied by a visa as per DCA regulations) to sell. Your Information is confidential and not shared with outside parties, nor is it ever used for promotional reasons unless approved.
  • Store credit is currently only valid at the shop and not redeemable online.
  • Please do not take offense if we cannot consign your items, we can't continue to operate unless we can sell the clothes you bring in, so if we can sell them, we will!
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